Software abilities

My regular activities consist of using the part of SAP ECC6 to process datas on the central management system of the company and also using a SAP SRM web portal to adapt the various process of supplier relationship management. In order to handle these parts, I am using Workflow, ABAP, ITS, Webdynpro, etc… I also have solid basis on functional processes like SAP SRM, MM, SAP SRM 5 and SAP SRM 7.3.

We lanch a new project to deploy the new version of SAP ERP : S/4Hana. This big project could be a technical project or a transformation project for a company. It’s a great challenge for the company and all the team.

At the same time, I am working on many website using HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS, Javascript…Thanks to languages such as Ada, C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, Javascript and methods of analysis like MERISE or UML, I can develop some programs or complex websites.

I also developed with the content management system ; Drupal or WordPress.

The project management

For this aspect, I work all the day with all software of Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Powerpoint…). For organization and reports, I use Microsoft Project or Open Workbench for plan the delivery calendar for example, the budget…

The elements are the good method to respect quality of work, time, budget and the client satisfaction.

The professional master is very complete with the first part computer sciences and the other part: the management. Both universities in Bordeaux validate it.

The human

The computer science domain is an element of service and the relationship between consultant and the client is very important. The trust is the base of a good relation, in particular when the client explains this vision and his wishes. After, I write specifications to develop the elements for my client.

Material acquaintances

In the computing domain, one specialty is the hardware.

For many years, I select computer components to create a personalized and unique computer. Depending on the future use of the computer, the specific components selected and the budget will be defined. Once assembled components, it must install the operating system after formatting. After, we add antivirus and others software.

First of all for my family, then my friends, during my internship and associations I set up computers and networks (router, switch, wifi …)